Sacrifice the one, betray the one
I will not bow to you
I will not bow to you
This is the end of...
Your blood is all I want to see
The faces staring weakened
I'll never give into this pain
Save myself from these lies

Another life in despair
You pull the trigger, paint the walls with red
Taking the hard way
You will be another heart in this wound
I'm not afraid anymore (anymore)
I am not angel (I am not the fallen)
Remain for life to sail past
Silence the fall, we will silence the fall

A second closure, unstable ground betrays us all
I am not angel, I am not fallen

This is the end of...
This is the end of sanity
This is the end of...
This is the end of sanity

I leave you to suffer
I leave with a smile
Can you smile for me now?
Can you smile?

Simple expression, I close my eyes and pray for blood
A sudden snap between your teeth, and shattered glass beneath your wings
A fallen angel (I am neither)
I am the one still screaming
Still screaming out in pain, only in thought of you
Only in thought of you
Only in thought of you
In the end, I'm the one still screaming
Fuck you
Fuck you


from End Of The World EP, released June 6, 2014



all rights reserved


Cast A Cyclone Tauranga, New Zealand

Cast A Cyclone are an intense hard-hitting 5 piece metalcore band springing out of nowhere in the Tauranga underground scene. From their all out, ear bleeding breakdowns to their heart sinking melodic choruses, CAC bring a fresh perspective on what it means to be a modern metal band.

The boys in Cast A Cyclone are happy and friendly dudes, eager to spread their music and rattle some skulls.
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